Unlock Web3’s Potential with Launchpad XYZ: $1.14 Million Raised

• Launchpad XYZ is a new platform seeking to simplify Web3 activities, recently raising $1.14 million in its presale.
• LPX, the platform’s native token, will be priced at $0.0565 upon listing.
• Staking LPX on the platform offers users reduced fees, airdrops, staking rewards and other benefits such as access to Trading Edge data and the Trading Terminal AI model.

Launchpad XYZ Simplifies Web3 with $1.14 Million Presale

Launching a revolutionary platform for simplifying Web3 activities, Launchpad XYZ has successfully raised $1.14 million in its presale of LPX tokens. The native token of the platform will be priced at $0.0565 upon listing in Q3 2023 and can be used to access various benefits offered by the platform including reduced fees and staking rewards.

LPX: The Platform’s Native Token

Users who stake a minimum of 10,000 LPX monthly on the Launchpad XYZ platform are eligible for numerous benefits such as reduced usage fees, priority access to presale tokens, opportunities to beta test blockchain games presented on the platform and staking rewards of $500 for every $25,000 staked in LPX tokens.

Trading Edge Feature Offers Market Insights

As an added benefit for users who stake LPX tokens on Launchpad XYZ Platform, they will have access to Trading Edge feature which provides continuous feed of news articles about market trends from various sources along with charts and analytics which can help users make informed decisions while trading.

Integrated AI Model Detects Emerging Trends

The Trading Terminal within the Launchpad XYZ Platform is an integrated tool with 400 unique data points offering wide range of customization options for individual indicators or parameters thus helping users carry out prompt transactions based on their own preferences while also detecting emerging trends in web 3 markets using an integrated AI model which preempts user alerts related to potential risks associated with making trades or investments.

One-stop Destination For All Things Web 3

Catering to all things web 3 related tasks such as hosting blockchain projects presale tokens NFT rankings metaverses Play-to-Earn Games crypto wallet decentralized exchanges (DEX) analytics news educational resources & trading terminal – Launchpad XYZ offers a consolidated hub that makes managing web 3 activities less complicated than before & puts it all under one roof!